Yoga for Breast Cancer

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Supporting Your Journey Through Breast Cancer

As a survivor, Beth brings a unique perspective to the therapeutic application of yoga for women diagnosed with breast cancer. Whether you are a longtime survivor, newly diagnosed, or are currently in treatment, yoga is a great way to live more comfortably and peacefully in your body.

The mission of Healing through Yoga is to help women develop tools and techniques for coping with breast cancer at all levels—physical, energetic, mental and emotional, social and spiritual—using gentle yoga inspired movement, meditation, contemplative practices, restorative women’s yoga, breath, creative expression, art, music, sound, ritual, tools to reframe the mind, yoga in nature, aroma therapy and spiritual practices.

As a premier, integrative, therapeutic resource, Healing Through Yoga is committed to helping women discover yoga based resources and tools to relieve the stress, strain, uncertainty, and fear that breast cancer brings. We are passionate about empowering women to lead in their healing journey and, through the healing application of yoga, inspire women to move through this difficult time of their life with a sense of determination, courage, clarity, strength, and unbound optimism.

As I reflect back over this last year of multiple surgeries, I can not imagine where I might be had it not been for trying my first yoga class.

Beth lives and loves her yoga and shares the many facets of yoga from guided imagery to positive thinking which have helped me to let go and move on, to forgive and look forward.

Beth is more than an instructor—she is a yoga therapist, coach and friend. She helps me personally with adaptations for the poses I struggle with. Her positive inspiration encourages me to reach further, and move through the cancer that I once feared impassable.

Although, I’ve only trained in yoga for a little over 9 months, I rely on it to help me through my upcoming surgery and beyond.

– Cathy, Yoga Student & Breast Cancer Survivor

Benefits of Yoga for Breast Cancer

  • Inspires immune system health, essential in the fight against cancer
  • Helps in the management of insomnia and fatigue
  • Reduces pain, strain, uncertainty, and fear during treatment
  • Brings about healthy, new lifestyle changes
  • Calms, centers and clarifies the mind to make decisions surrounding the treatment & healing journey
  • Stretches areas of tightness due to surgery and treatments
  • Increases range of motion and strength
  • Enhances health and harmony of every system of the body
  • Softens the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and related therapies
  • Enhances the healing process in a profound way
  • Quells self-doubt and builds self-confidence
  • Lessens fatigue and reduces sleep disturbances
  • Helps regain range of motion and ease in movement
  • Creates an urgency for self-examination and change
  • Inspires new life direction and purpose

Forms of Support

  • Weekly Classes
  • Private Yoga Therapy
  • Home and Hospital Sessions
  • Monthly Group Support
  • Studio Support and Mentoring for Friends and Family

Service Offerings

Healing Through Yoga offers a variety of services to support every step of a woman’s breast cancer journey – from initial diagnosis, to preparing for treatments and surgery, to recovery, healing and beyond.

How to Get Started

View current and upcoming classes, workshops, retreats and monthly gatherings, or please call 719-440-2815 or contact Beth to request Yoga for Breast Cancer support services.