Workshops & Retreats

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Spring Blossoming

A Woman’s Self-Care Retreat

Sunday, March 10, 1:30 – 5:30, Sunwater Spa, Manitou Springs, CO

Join us for an afternoon dedicated to self care, strategic planning and self growth. Leave refreshed, renewed, and with a personal wellness plan in hand!


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Blossoms of Joy: A Women’s Monthly Self Care Circle


Inspiring Your Journey Towards Wellness Through the Art of Self Care

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  • Are you 40 years young or over?
  • Do you feel stuck in the mud?
  • Do you prioritize others over yourself?
  • Is a relationship needing a boost or boot?
  • Has a crisis or midlife transition left you uprooted?
  • Do you feel disconnected to your heart and life intention?
  • Are you experiencing overwhelm and stress?
  • Are you yearning to rediscover your playful, resilient nature?
  • Do you crave quiet rest, soul time, renewal and reinvention?
  • Are you ready to become the vibrant, strong, rooted and radiant women you are meant to be?

Women’s Monthly Self Care Circle

Based on Beth’s popular course Rooted and Radiant: A 21 Day Self-Care Journey, you and your new community of friends will experience: guided meditation, stress evaporating breath practice, women’s yoga, wellness coaching, inspirational music, contemplative poetry, joyful group interaction and plenty of time for self reflection and self care. Each month you will leave with an awesome self care action plan in hand, feeling more connected to yourself and the world!

Venue: Beth’s Home Yoga Studio 4435 Kashmire Drive Colorado Springs Colorado 80920 719-440-2815

Time and Day – 1st Monday of the Month, 5:30-7:00 pm
Please call to reserve your space. 


First Friday Women’s Restorative Yoga – A Monthly Gathering, $20


Restorative Yoga is a gentle, deeply nourishing, “feels dreamy, wonderful” form of yoga where the practitioner is held by props to encourage a complete state of release and relaxation. By supporting various parts of your body with bolsters, blocks and blankets, you can fully surrender, breath by breath, coming home to the true essence and ripe nature of your being.

In a sequenced format, restorative yoga moves the spine in all directions to promote deep relaxation and balanced well-being. Poses used in restorative yoga include forward bends, back bends, twists, lateral bends and inverted postures – all in a supportive manner.

Each month, enjoy a special early evening among women friends as Beth assists you through a soothing restorative yoga sequence to nourish, relax and retrieve your body, mind, and spirit. Music, guided visualization, contemplative prompts, poetry, women’s teachings, aromatherapy and gentle massage will be offered each month to enhance your experience of restorative women’s yoga.

Please call 719-440-2815 to reserve your spot. Space is limited!

5:30 – 7:00 pm