Vijnanamaya Kosha – Your Beautiful Wisdom Heart!

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Be Still and Know the Wisdom of… YOU! 


Your true nature is wise, expansive, and … sparkling with JOY! 

When we are running errands, overthinking, texting, working late, tending to our family’s needs, becoming stressed, thinking self-sabotaging thoughts, meeting deadlines, running on empty, and living a fast-paced, exhausted life, it’s difficult to feel calm and centered. 

Within us, wisdom awaits.

We tend to look outside ourselves for answers when we already have everything we need inside. Resourcing from within requires that we slow down, stop, look, and listen. In essence, in order to listen to the wise whispers of our Heart, stillness is required. As we become still, we hear our truth, and also God’s truth. God speaks to us through stillness. 

Making snap or half-baked decisions based on a frazzled way of living doesn’t support the health of the Vijnanamaya Kosha or the happiness of your life. As an Awakening Joy for Women mentor, I help my clients find ways to slow down and tap into their inner wisdom using a few key tools, most of which are yoga based. 

One of the most direct ways to tap into your wisdom Heart is through meditation. Meditation needn’t be practiced for long periods of time to experience its sweet, soul-satisfying benefits. With only five or ten minutes of meditation a day, you can expect to rekindle a loving relationship with your Self. Listening to your Heart will be like listening to your best friend, because it is! 

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When was the last time you slowed down, stopped, looked and listened deeply within? What happened? Did you receive an insight, an ah-ha, an answer? Did you feel more peaceful, soft and connected with yourself? Take time daily, for five to ten minutes, preferably when you rise and right before bed, to sit with yourself, breathe and connect with your True Nature. Your Heart will thank you for allowing her to be your faithful companion and guide. 

Other ways to connect with your wisdom Heart are through quiet reflection, journaling and prayer.

In what ways do you connect most freely and directly with your Heart? 

I love my Wisdom Heart. I know, trust and honor my True Nature. This Spring I will ____________________________ to connect with my True Nature and the wisdom within me. 

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