Pranamaya Kosha – Your Beautiful Life Force, Your Vitality!

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Breathe Your Way to Vitality 

In the Spring, our nostrils naturally flare and search for fresh scents, increased oxygen and expanded life force. In the yoga tradition, breath is the doorway to increasing vitality and unbinding stagnant energy. A daily, more invigorating breath practice is recommended at the onset of Spring to detoxify and clear out Winter’s hold.   

There is a purifying breath practice that I simply love called Breath of Joy. Breath of Joy uses a three part inhalation through the nostrils, similar to sniffing a fragrant flower three times, followed by a long exhalation through the mouth. There are body and arm movements to the practice, but try it without the movements for now. Simply sniff in three times, pause, open your mouth, and then exhale fully and long. After 6 breaths, you’ll be feeling pretty joyful! Your nose will feel like it’s just breathed in peppermint. It’s a very purifying, energizing breath. When I teach this breathing practice in class, within a minute, the whole room fills with the energy of JOY! 

What would developing a daily breath practice look like to you? What area of your home is peaceful and quiet? Is there a path or area in nature you can go to every day this Spring to close your eyes, sit quietly and simply breathe for 5 to ten minutes?

Begin a daily breathing practice in nature or the comfort of your home and notice how refreshed, uplifted and peaceful you feel.  


In addition, taking breath breaks throughout the day offers amazing results! Try taking 10 conscious breaths three or four times a day. You’ll feel much more balanced energetically. 

I love feeling vital and alive. My breath is my life force. This Spring I will ____________________________ to enhance the health of my vitality. 

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