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Amplify the Naturally Joyful Feelings and Emotional Stirrings of Spring 

Enjoying the sun

We naturally have an increased sense of lightheartedness and joy as Spring emerges. Even for those of us who have had a  tough winter, or who are dealing with a difficult life transformation, Spring tends to bring out feelings of self-renewal, fresh possibility and hope. When we see the first signs of Spring appear including those sweet little buds that burst open like popcorn hanging from crab tree branches, we become light-hearted and happy. Spring is truly filled with a symphony of miracles. 

Cultivating positive feeling states of joy arises from our conscious commitment and choice to open our heart, mind and eyes to seeing the goodness in what we are experiencing. We then amplify those feelings by staying with them. We awaken our sense of gratitude of what we are experiencing in the present moment. 

I’ll share a personal example for you. I was out for a walk earlier this month, and spotted a single purple crocus flower ahead of me. At the time, I was in my own world of busy thought, negativity and worry, and because of this, I just about passed this treasure of a gift! I came to my senses and approached the flower.  I bent down and looked deeply at it. I noticed the bright purple hues, the fragile petals, the lime green stem with leaves blossom off to the sides, and many other precious details. It was like looking at a miracle. I took a few minutes to breathe in the beauty of this tender little flower. I began to feel my heart stir with light-heartedness, and as I continued to spend time with the flower, feelings of goodness and gratitude magnified.  I felt a surge of light-heartedness that stayed with me all day.

We have the capacity to change our thought patterns through positive practices like this. What is the normal state of your mind and emotions? Do you normally see your world sunny or gray? Do you struggle with negative thought patterns or emotions? If so, then give the art of amplifying joyful emotional stirrings a try! 


Go out for a walk and be with nature. What simple sights, sounds, sensations and smells do you notice? Awaken to the world around you. Select something pleasant to focus on, and instead of walking past it, stop and stay with it for awhile. Breathe in all the goodness of it. Notice how open, spacious and positive your mind begins to feels. Spring is a wonderful time to start this practice of positive mind treatment as it’s a naturally joyful season. 

I love my mind! I care for my emotions.This Spring I will ___________________________ to uplift and enhance the quality of my mind and emotions. 

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