Awakening Joy for Women Yoga Life Coaching

Like a flower, your life can be divided into two parts: your inner world, the center of the flower, and your outer world, the petals. For the petals of your outer world to unfurl, you must first inhabit the innermost aspect of yourself – the bright and confident as well as the deflated and wounded parts, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Doing so allows for authenticity, self-acceptance, self-love, trust, and confidence to flow into the outermost reaches of your life.

– Sara Avant Stover, Way of the Happy Woman

Lotus Flower Yoga Life Coaching

Tired of feeling run down, stressed and disconnected from your self, your health, and your true life purpose?

Are you ready to reconnect with who you really are and reclaim your life?

When we are healthy, we are able to are align with the authentic callings of our hearts and live powerfully, with intention, and in the spirit of love and joy.

Monthly holistic sacred self care and yoga-based lifestyle coaching…

  • Discover a beautiful sacred self care model that revitalizes, nourishes and strengthens all layers of your being – physical, energetic, mental, emotional, intellectual, intuitive, wisdom-based, and spiritual
  • Honor the seasonal cycles of nature through diet, movement, rest, intention setting, and self care planning
  • Develop simple morning and evening routines that frame and stabilize your day in a soul-centering way
  • Investigate and release self-limiting habits, thought patterns, and old stories, and increase confidence and self trust
  • Create a sweet and sustainable home yoga and meditation practice
    Set weekly intentions to ensure progress and transformation!
  • Receive unlimited email support & accountability from Beth throughout your journey

Work one-on-one in an intimate setting at Beth’s Awakening Joy studio, co-create your personal women’s wellness plan, and make positive, powerful choices and changes to blossom open your life.

Call for a 20-minute get-ready-to-bloom consultation! 719-440-2815

Monthly Coaching Services  $250

Includes three one-hour live Lotus Flower Life coaching sessions at Beth’s studio, or in the comfort of your home, weekly scripted yoga-based self-care practices, renewed lifestyle recommendations, teachings on mindfulness and meditation, a Lotus Flower Life Coaching Binder to store homework and practices in, a weekly 15 minute accountability/coaching call with Beth to make sure you’re staying on track, and a monthly surprise self-care gift to support your journey towards vibrant well being!

Awakening Joy for Women Sacred Self Care Immersion

8-module blended online, in-person mentorship program to blossom open your life

Thank you for your interest in the Awakening Joy for Women Sacred Self-Care immersion. The Summer 2017 Immersion is full. Please contact Beth to learn more about this program, and to be placed on a waiting list for Fall 2017 Immersion.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 10.47.59 PMThe lotus flower grows at the bottom of the muddy, murky pond, and slowly emerges toward the surface, bursting out of the water into a beautiful blossom. During the night the lotus closes and sinks under the water, and emerges with the sunlight of the new day.

The lotus in the mud symbolizes the hardships and difficulties of life, or a challenging time we have faced or are facing. As the lotus flower stem grows toward the surface, we also grow through our experiences and difficulties, learning lessons along the way, and developing strength and beauty as we overcome our adversities.

In this life transforming 8-part mentoring program, we will work together to explore yoga based self-care and self-love practices to move you through your muddy waters and help you to flourish fully and intentionally in every area of your life!

During our time together, you will learn how to begin or continue a precious daily sweet, sustainable morning Sadhana, or spiritual practice, commit to personal self care and self love practices as a priority, eliminate destructive thinking patterns and habits, and develop a crystal clear picture for what you truly want to realize and create in various areas of your life!

Module One – Understanding, Tending and Mending the Outer Flower Petals of your Life

Initial 90 minute in person mentoring session at Beth’s lovely Awakening Joy studio. Based on the Lotus Flower Life Wheel, (a classic coaching model with a delightful twist), we will come to understand which areas of your life are blooming and which may be stuck in the mud! During this foundational session, you will select one or two areas of your life, that when brought into balance, will support deeper joy in every area of your life. During our first session together, we will explore the outer most petals of your being, and co-create a plan to blossom open your life.

Module Two – Understanding, Caring for, and Prioritizing your Inner Flower Petals through the ancient Self Care Model – The Panchamaya Kosha Model

Our second studio session (90 minutes) will focus on creating balanced health at all five levels of your being using an ancient yoga-based self care model. This teaching is the foundation to the Awakening Joy process.

A beautiful guided meditation in a deeply restorative posture will help you understand how to care for yourself physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally, with confidence and certitude, and in the spirit of awakening peace, love and deep joy within.

Modules Three through Seven – Caring for your Self – One Kosha Petal at a Time

Five – 45 minute coaching calls will “open” each petal of self care. We will set positive health goals around the Kosha being studied and at mid-week, we’ll gather for email inspiration and support.

In addition to your coaching calls, you will receive access to  inspiring on-line teachings to support the learning process from week to week. Beautiful articles, poems, contemplative practices, recommendations, short and sweet meditation audios and videos, creative expression explorations and teachings from guest teachers are all a part of your easy on-line experience. The on-line portion of the course is available as a lifetime gift to support your continued learning and growth.

Module Eight – Creating your Seasonal Master Lotus Flower Life and Kosha Self Care Plans

Our final 90 minute studio session will wrap up and fully illuminate your next steps for the season to come. You’ll receive a set of awesome tools to create and joyfully stick with your plan. You’ll wrap up your self care coaching experience with your master plans in hand, feeling awakened with renewed health, and a cleared direction for moving forward in your life.

Follow Up – Watering and Growing your Self Care Plan through Continued Mentorship and Support with Beth

A week out, we’ll gather up for a 30 minute accountability coaching call to tweak your self-care program, address any challenges that have popped up, and support your continued commitment to nurture your lotus flower life!

(On-going studio or coaching call mentoring support is always welcome and available as needed on a monthly basis. See below for details!)

Program Tools and Practices

  • The Five Kosha Model of Self Care
  • Lotus Flower Life Wheel Model for Joyful Living
  • Viyoga/Samyoga Weekly Goal Setting Forms
  • Self-Love Practices
  • Selected Sutras of Patanjali for Contemplative Meditation and Spiritual Growth
  • Asana (Physical Yoga Practice)
  • Pranayama (Stress Reducing Breathing Practices)
  • Women’s Restorative Yoga Practices
  • Developing a Sweet Sadhana Practice (Spiritual)
  • The Art of Positive Affirmation and Intention Setting
  • Ayurveda for Vibrant Health
  • Lifestyle Enhancement Recommendations
  • Poetry and Inspiration Stories and Readings
  • Creative Art Expression and Journaling
  • Essential Oils for Emotional Wellness

Program Gifts!

  • Nischala Joy Devi’s Book – The Secret Power of Yoga: A Women’s Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras
  • An Awakening Joy for Women Yoga Life Coaching Binder to store your practices, program downloads, hand-outs and homework in
  • A beautiful gem-inspired lotus flower bracelet to wear and empower you throughout the course.
  • A special meditation bell to support your daily yoga and meditation practice.
  • For local clients, a one hour Swedish massage with the amazing Holly Sciorra, CMT.
  • Beth’s E-Book: How to Develop A Sweet, Sustainable Self Care through Sadhana Practice
  • Lifetime access to on-line teachings, materials, audios, videos, journaling prompts, self care teachings and guest teacher spotlight support
  • And essential oils, gems, flowers and other surprise treats to support your self-care practices throughout the program!

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