Anandamaya Kosha – Your beautiful, Joyful Spirit!

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Live the Life you Love 


One of my very favorite gift books is titled “May You Live the Life You Love” by M.H. Clark. It provides a compilation of inspirational quotes and passages – all wrapped up in a crisp white hard cover with the title written boldly in bright rainbow colors on the front. I often read this book when I’m leading women’s retreats. 

  • Here are a few sentences from the book:
  • Take your life and live it well.
  • May you find wonder scattered everywhere.
  • May you delight in seeing what you are capable of.
  • May you have ideas so big that they grow their own wings. 
  • May you take epic chances.
  • May you recognize and share the gifts that only you can give. 
  • May you find ways to keep your dreams alive and well.
  • May you love yourself deeply for everything you are. 

5098_03I love these words of inspiration! They give me goosebumps or what I’ve come to call joy bumps! This book exemplifies what the Anandamaya Kosha is all about, which is to live the life of your dreams. 

Louise Hay, writer, teacher and affirmation Goddess extraordinaire, states that “if we really love ourselves, everything in our life works”. This is so true, and in my humble opinion, loving yourself begins by caring for yourself. Sacred self care is the key to living the life of your dreams.  

Some questions you might ask yourself… Do you know who you are? Can you describe your joyful Spirit? Can you say without hesitation what your gift is to the world? How are you expressing your uniqueness right now? Can you dance to the beat of your own song without hesitation or fear? Do obstacles and road blocks get in your way, and if so why? Do you take care of your body, mind, emotions, energy, and Spirit as a non-negotiable promise to yourself, and every single day?  Are you finding and practicing self-care tools to awaken joy and freedom in your life? 

Even if you’re experiencing a tremendously awful challenge in your life, you are capable and deserving of knowing, touching, loving and embracing your joyful Spirit. 

What brings you joy, and what awakens your heart?

I’d like you to take some time meditating on this. When you get clearer on your answers, begin to form an image in your mind of what you and your life would look like fully awakened with joy.  With that crystal clear vision rooted in your mind, you’ll be able to resource back every time you lose faith or consistency in realizing your dreams. Manifesting a joyful life begins from a place of vision and self care. So start there! 

I love my Spirit. This Spring I will ________________ to awaken more joy in my heart and life, and to align with the life I most love. 

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