Annamaya Kosha – Your Beautiful Body!

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Move It and Eat More Greens! 

aa3f8fb41313f63af2d3e7fc86b2fa69Unlike Winter, the season of dormancy,  Spring naturally invites a renewed desire to move our bodies. In the early Spring, I feel like Snow White, stretching my arms wide and free after a long Winter’s rest!

Movement is essential in the early Spring to rid the body of toxins and excess build up, and to jumpstart healthy functioning of our systems. Be it running,  biking, roller skating, playing tennis, swimming, hiking, dancing, or yoga… move your body, and move it in a freeing, new way!  

What new and refreshing movements are you excited to try to feel, expand, express and love up your body? 

I love to move my body! This Spring I will ___________________________ to enhance the health and functioning of my body. 

In addition, Spring offers an abundance of green veggies to enjoy and thrive from. Be it spinach, kale, dandelions, arugula, watercress, or asparagus, adding an abundance of greens to your daily diet will purify your blood, increase oxygen, increase immunity, support health of all your systems, revitalize your energy, detoxify your cells, and flush Wintertime stagnation out! Throwing additional greens into your morning smoothie, adding kale to your lunch soup or salad, supplementing with chlorophyll, adding steamed or raw green veggies into your diet, and adding a morning green cocktail using your juicer are all excellent methods for adding more greens to your Springtime diet. Of course, adding a rainbow of color is important to your diet so don’t forget to add not only green but other bright colors to your menus as well. 


What new healthy food habits are you wanting to add to your life this Spring?

I love to nourish my body! This Spring I will __________________ to enhance the health and happiness of my body. 

Love Up your Body with New Clothes, Skin Care Products, Floral Fragrances and Jewels

When was the last time you took a real look at your closet, brightened your wardrobe, updated your self-care skin products, enhanced your fragrance collection, or added a new piece of jewelry? In looking at my closet, I see old clothes that I seldom wear or no longer need. I’m ready to add more color, style, femininity and comfort to my wardrobe. I love natural fragrances and have a beautiful collection of essential oils. This Spring, I’m using lighter, more uplifting, sensual oils. To increase health and glow to my skin, I’m dry brushing it daily, and massaging luscious, rich, organic oil all over afterwards! Winter months can be so drying and depleting to the skin and this simple ritual feels beautiful and nourishing. My jewelry collection was needing a boost after losing several single earrings here and there over the Winter months. I’ve added new sparkle to my mismatched collection, and feel more “put together”, feminine, and fresh as a result of it. 

I love to appreciate, adorn and tend to my body! This Spring I will ____________________ to enhance and beautify my body. I am dedicated to the full care and keeping of my body.

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